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Our Wine List

Our wine list features both international and domestic selections of superior wines. Our knowledgeable stall will recommend the perfect pairings for every aspect of your meal.


Note: prices are for one glass / full bottle.





Tio Pepe Palomino Fino Sherry (Spain)      $5

Don PX Grand Reserva Sherry 1983 (Spain)     $11

Casa Eufernia Port (Portugal)     $8            

Castoro Cellars Late Harvest Zin 2005 (Paso Robles)   $8                    




Carpene Malvoiti Prosecco (Italy)     $8/$28                             

Chameroy (Champagne)     $8/$28

Villa Donna Moscato D’Asti (Italy)     $8/$28                            

Louis Perdrier Brut (France) Split     $9/$32

Zardetto Brut Prosecco (Italy)     $10/$34

Zardetto Spumante Rose (Italy)     $10/$34                

Veuve Clicquot (Champagne)     $85                                            


White Wine


Sauvignon Blanc

Sundance Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)     $7/$27

Villa Chiopris Sauvignon (Italy)     $10/$34

Honig Sauvignon Blanc (Napa)     $11/$36                                

Michael & David Sauvignon Blanc (Lodi)     $11/$36                                             


Pinot Grigio

Montasolo Pinot Grigio (Veneto, Italy)     $6/$21

Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio (Italy)     $10/$34                        

A-Z Pinot Gris (Oregon)     $10/$34                              

Four Graces Pinot Gris (Willamette Valley)     $13/$42



Hogue Chardonnay (Washington)     $6/$21                                               

La Bourgeoisie Chardonnay (Washington)     $8/$28

Nicolas Chardonnay (France)   $8/$28

Truchard Chardonnay (Napa)     $14/$49                              

Domaine Alain Patriarche Bourgogne (Burgundy)      $42                                                       



Bauer Haus Spatlese Riesling (Germany)     $7/$27        

Washington Hills Riesling (Washington)     $7/$27                             


Alternative Whites / Blends

Essay Chenin Blanc (South Africa)     $8/$28

L’Ecole Semillon (Washington)     $10/$34                    

Incognito Blend (Lodi)     $10/$34

Grandi & Gabana Bianco della Stelia (Italy)     $11/$36

Vermentino Litorale (Tuscany)     $11/$36

Fess Parker Viognier (Lodi)     $15/$53                      


Red Wine


Pinot Noir

Just Pinot Noir (France)     $6/$21

The Pinot Project (California)     $10/$34  

Acrobat Pinot Noir (Oregon)     $12/$40

Decoy Pinot Noir (Sonoma)         $55                                            

Four Graces Pinot Noir (Willamette Valley)     $65                 



Castel Malbec (France)     $9/$32

Amalaya Malbec (Salta))    $10/$34                                            

Tierra Secreta Malbec (Mendoza)     $11/$36                           



Estrella Merlot (California)     $7/$27                        

Noble Vines 181 Merlot (California)     $8/$28

Nicolas Merlot (France)   $8/$28                 

Shafer Merlot (Napa)                       $110.00



Earthquake Zinfandel (Lodi)     $14/$56                                    

Seven Deadly Zins (Lodi)     $11/$36                                           

Decoy Zinfandel (Sonoma)     $45 


Alternative Reds / Blends

Pietra Majella Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy)     $7/$27

Petite Petit Blend (California)     $11/$36

Rupert & Rothschild Blend (South Africa)     $14/$56

Leo deLa Gaffeliere St. Emilion (France) $ 16/$58

Dominique Piron Morgon (Beaujolais)     $55                           

Chateau Loudenne (Medoc)     $56

Nicolis Valpolicella Classico, Italy     $58                                  

Bentisquero “Grey Reserve” Carmenere (Chile)     $63

Riondo Amarone (Italy)     $65

Neyers Mouvedre (Sonoma)     $95                                               

Cain Cuvee (Napa)     $80

Cain Concept (Napa)     $120                          

Col D’Orcia Brunello 2005 (Italy)     $120                 



Cabernet Sauvignon

Just Cabernet Sauvignon (France)     $6/$21

Nicolas Cabernet (France)                   $8/28                

Josh Cabernet (North Coast)     $10/$34                                     

Matchbook Cabernet (California)     $11/$36                           

Sean Minor Cabernet 2009 (California)     $14/$56                

Uppercut Cabernet (Napa)     $14/$56                                         

Earthquake Cabernet (Lodi)     $14/$56                                     

Flora Springs Cabernet (Napa)     $66                                         

Michael & David “Rapture” Cabernet (Lodi)     $115

Shafer “One Point Five” Cabernet (Napa)     $150                 



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